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Advanced Battery Systems Inc. has been supplying emergency lighting systems since 1988 and has worked meticulously with our suppliers to ensure the best possible product that provides reliable service and excellent performance.  Our ABS brand AGM batteries employ the latest pasting and form-charging procedures to insure a high level of quality and maximum capacity in any particular size of container.  Many of our model sizes even exceed the industry standard for Ah capacity.  For more critical applications we also offer the same AGM batteries, but filled with GEL to provide longer life and higher cycle ability.  All (100%) of our ABS brand AGM batteries are individually factory discharge tested for capacity to insure that all products meet or exceed specifications.

For larger centralized systems with emergency lighting we typically use our ABS brand AGM filled with GEL for higher reliability and cycle life or Sonnenschein A500 series VRLA-GEL.  These might include lighting UPS systems.  The largest systems might also use GNB flooded products.

All these batteries are UL approved or have UL listing which is a basic requirement for this industry.

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We know batteries. Our engineering staff is highly trained and experienced in dealing with all kinds of battery types and applications. By utilizing various industry methodologies, we can accurately determine the right battery type and technology for your needs. We take all questions and concerns seriously and respond promptly.

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