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Advanced Battery Systems Inc has been providing solutions and services to the Telecom industry since 1988 and this is one of our specialties. Our staff has extensive experience and knowledge in designing product solutions and servicing this industry. In this industry, the typical battery used would have a 5 to 15-year design life, and the batteries are installed in thousands of locations, some being very remote and difficult to access. In the past, we have switched our clients to advanced technology 15-year design batteries for this application.  If they were using only a 5-year design life battery, it would have to be changed 3x during the same period as a 15-year design life battery, which means 3x the labour cost of going to the site and installation and 3x during the life where the battery is approaching end-of-life with risk of failure.  So we have proven with thousands of sites, significant cost savings to the clients, much longer life and more reliable battery, and most significant to any telecom client; improved reliability in the overall telecommunications system. Our advanced technology batteries are typically exposed to extreme temperatures of down to -40ºC/-40ºF in the winter and up to 35ºC/95ºF in the summer, and capable of operation up to 50ºC/122ºF peak ambient temperature.

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We know batteries. Our engineering staff is highly trained and experienced in dealing with all kinds of battery types and applications. By utilizing various industry methodologies, we can accurately determine the right battery type and technology for your needs. We take all questions and concerns seriously and respond promptly.

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