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The Fire and safety industry has experienced dramatic growth as demands for advanced fire and safety systems in manufacturing, utilities, petrochemical, oil & gas, energy & power, automotive, and construction markets have increased significantly. Advanced Battery Systems has been supplying this industry since 1988 and is uniquely suited with our products including small lithium, NiCd, NiMH, ABS brand AGM, and Gel batteries.

In the past 15 years Advanced Battery Systems has made huge progress in this industry with our high quality ABS brand AGM batteries and has become a market leader.  These batteries are mostly used in small industrial alarm systems and residential alarm systems. This is complemented by use of our SAFT primary lithium batteries in the remote motion, pressure, temperature, and fire sensors.

For the larger fire panels we use our advanced technology Sonnenschein VRLA-GEL batteries which are UL listed and offer the client unmatched reliability and design life.  This has become the gold standard in the industry.

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