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Floor Cleaning Machines or Sweepers and Scrubbers are notoriously hard on batteries. That is why you need batteries that can withstand the most challenging floor cleaning and polishing tasks.

Many floor-cleaning machine battery purchases are made without considering the best available technologies, which can lead to unexpected and costly equipment failures. Unfortunately, the market lacks objective guidance on which batteries to choose, leaving buyers without clear direction and often being pushed toward certain products.

At ABS, we are committed to ensuring that you never face the expensive repercussions of a battery failure again. We understand the frustrations of countless commercial buyers like you who suffer from premature equipment failures. It’s time for a change, and ABS is here to revolutionize your approach to battery procurement for your cleaning machines.

ABS6-350C Battery


6 Volts


350 Ah (C20)


Group 902
ABS6-270C Battery


6 Volts


268 Ah (C20)


Group GC2
ABS12-150C Battery


12 Volts


150 Ah (C20)


Group GC12
ABS12-110C-DT Battery


12 Volts


108 Ah (C20)


Group 27
ABS12-120C-DT AGM Battery


12 Volts


118 Ah (C20)


Group 31

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Floor Cleaning Machine Batteries FAQs

Generally, floor scrubber batteries can last anywhere from 2 to 5 years. However, this can depend on factors such as Battery Type, Usage, and Maintenance. Proper maintenance, including regular charging, correct storage practices, and adherence to the manufacturer’s recommendations, can help maximize the lifespan of floor scrubber batteries.

The best battery for floor scrubbers often depends on various factors including, the specific requirements of the scrubber, the application environment, and the user’s preferences. Here are 4 common types of batteries used in floor scrubbers:

Wet Lead-Acid
These are the least expensive option but in return they require maintenance of water levels. Wet Lead-Acid batteries offer a longer cycle life and greater durability vs AGM batteries. These batteries are a great option if someone can stay on top of maintenance.

These batteries are the 2nd least expensive option. They require less maintenance than Wet Lead-Acid batteries. However, they must be fully charged after each use and are more prone to sulphation vs the other battery types.

Gel batteries are more expensive than the other options except for Lithium. They have a longer lifespan vs Wet Lead-Acid and AGM. They are also very durable and less prone to sulphation. However, due to the Gel these batteries have a lower capacity which means a shorter run time.

Lithium batteries are the most expensive option in the short term. However, in the long-term these batteries could actually be the most cost efficient. The lifespan is the longest of all the battery types, they can offer the greatest capacity, they do not sulphate and they can be left uncharged, and they are virtually maintenance-free. There is the risk of fire with Lithium, however, Lithium Cleaning Machine batteries are made with LiFePO4 technology which is considered more stable than Lithium Ion.

If used regularly, floor scrubber batteries should be charged after each use. It is recommended to charge them overnight and ensure that the charger indicates that the battery is fully charged before using it again. It is not recommended to leave the charger running after the machine is unplugged. Some chargers need to be switched off to signify the end of a charging cycle. If left on the batteries will not be properly charged.

The charging time for batteries used in floor cleaning machines varies depending on several factors. These factors are Battery Type, Battery Capacity, Charger Specs, and Current Battery State.

Typically, the charging time for lead-acid batteries range from 8 to 12 hours or more for a full charge, depending on the capacity and charger specifications.

Charging times for Lithium batteries are generally shorter, ranging from 2 to 6 hours depending on the capacity and charger specifications.

At Advanced Battery Systems, AGM and Gel cleaning machine batteries have a 1 year full replacement warranty. Lithium batteries have a 2 year full replacement warranty.

The amperage (amps) used by a floor scrubber can vary significantly based on several factors, including the model, size, motor efficiency, and operational settings. There isn’t a fixed amperage value for all floor scrubbers, as different machines have different power requirements.

The amperage can typically range anywhere from 5 to 30 amps or more, depending on the machine’s size, motor power, and design. Larger industrial or ride-on floor scrubbers may require higher amperage to support their powerful motors and larger cleaning capacities.

To determine the specific amperage usage of a floor scrubber, it’s best to refer to the machine’s technical specifications provided by the manufacturer. These specifications usually detail the electrical requirements, including voltage, amperage, and wattage, allowing users to understand the power consumption and select suitable batteries.

To determine the appropriate battery for your floor cleaning machine, follow these steps:

  1. Check the Manufacturer’s Manual or Specifications: Refer to the user manual or technical specifications provided by the manufacturer of your floor cleaning machine. This documentation usually includes detailed information about the compatible battery types and sizes, their specifications, and requirements.
  2. Consider Performance and Requirements: Consider factors such as the runtime needed per charge, charging time, weight, and maintenance requirements when selecting a battery. Additionally, ensure the chosen battery meets the machine’s power needs and is compatible with its electrical system.
  3. Maintenance Requirements: If you are able to keep up with regular maintenance on the battery than a Wet Lead Acid battery may work for you. Alternatively, if you do not want to maintain the battery a maintenance free battery such as AGM, Gel, or Lithium may serve you better,
  4. Available Budget: Consider your short and long-term budget before making a decision. For example, AGM and Wet Lead-Acid batteries are less expensive but will require more frequent replacements where as Lithium and Gel batteries are more expensive upfront but with last much longer.

By following these steps and gathering relevant information about your floor cleaning machine’s battery requirements, you can identify and select the appropriate battery for optimal performance and compatibility.

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