Flooded Lead Acid

Flooded lead acid batteries have been around for more than 200 years and are the tried and true, heavy duty battery that we so well know and understand. That said, modern flooded lead acid batteries often incorporate special design features to either extend their life, offer higher cycling ability, or special high-current performance. That includes tubular plate design where the positive plates have spines wrapped with woven tubes to secure the active material to prevent loss of contact and shedding, so extended life is possible, as well as; higher cycling capability while maintaining the integrity of the battery. Other types such as planté (invented by Gaston planté in 1859) are still available and have very thick plates and heavy-duty construction to provide extended design life of 25-30 years or more. We also have copper expanded metal plate technology batteries which were designed primarily with the UPS industry in mind to be able to provide high discharge current for short duration in large-scale UPS applications. Then there are the standard flat-plate design lead acid batteries that offer good standby performance, fairly good high current performance, and all that at a reduced cost. While we do have some calcium alloy based batteries available, most of our batteries are an advanced technology low-antimony-selenium alloy, providing the low-maintenance good standby performance of calcium type batteries, while offering high cycling ability to account for numerous discharges during power failures or for use in off-grid or BESS energy storage applications.

At Advanced Battery Systems we carry the GNB/EXIDE Classic brand of flooded lead acid batteries.  Available in 2V, 6V, and 12V configurations and capacities from 50Ah and up to 10,000Ah sizes. The GNB/EXIDE Classic portfolio has solutions for many industrial markets such as Telecom, Hydro, UPS, off-grid, BESS energy storage, Oil and Gas, and heavy industry.

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