VRLA Gel Batteries

Gel batteries are a special type of valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery, but are often confused with AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) or even AGM design batteries that have been filled with a chemically-produced gel (not a true Gel design). VRLA Gel batteries internally are designed like the tried and true, heavy-duty lead acid flooded/wet cells that are so common in the industry, and so the basic internal design is very rugged.  They are mostly filled with a thixotropic gel made from finely divided and sintered (burned) silica particles mixed with either sulphuric and/or phosphoric acid for special applications.  The filling provides excellent heat transfer to the outside so the battery operates with a very low internal temperature rise, provides a reserve of water to prevent drying out, and provides a reserve of acid so the battery can be recovered from accidental excessive deep discharge. This design permits continuous operation at high temperatures up to 50ºC/122ºF as you might have in a desert application, and with less degradation than other lead acid batteries. The Sonnenschein battery can be discharged, left discharged up to one month, and be fully recovered in case of accidental deep discharge. A high-grade separator is used, similar to flooded/wet cells, to virtually eliminate the risk of internal shorts. This is in contrast to the AGM type for which the most common mode of premature failure is internal shorts.  The battery is topped off by a one-way valve that allows gas out, but prevents the atmosphere from getting in.  The valve can withstand about 30m/100ft of being submerged in water in case your boat accidentally sinks or your hydro substation gets flooded and so the batteries can be fully recovered.

At Advanced Battery Systems we carry the Sonnenschein brand of VRLA Gel batteries.  As the inventor of the Gel technology in 1957, Sonnenschein’s unrivalled Dry Fit Gel Technology sets them apart from the competition. These batteries offer up to a 2 years shelf life and range from 12 to 20 years design life depending on the series. The Sonnenschein portfolio has solutions for all industrial markets such as Telecom, Hydro, UPS, Fire and Safety, Security, Medical, Oil and Gas, Marine, Renewable Energy, and Emergency Lighting.  Below is list of the different series that we offer.

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