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Model NumberABS Replacement# of BatteriesMachine VoltageBattery VoltageAhGroup Size
SWINGO 1255ABS12-120C-DT or ABS12-150C22412100-14031/GC12
SWINGO 1650Contact Us224125024
SWINGO 1655ABS6-270C4246180GC2
SWINGO 1855ABS6-270C4246180GC2
SWINGO 350Contact Us2241230U1
SWINGO 455Contact Us224125024
SWINGO 755ABS12-120C-DT2241212531
SWINGO 855ABS12-120C-DT2241212531
SWINGO 955ABS12-120C-DT2241212531
SWINGO XPABS6-270C4246180GC2


Model NumberABS Replacement# of BatteriesMachine VoltageBattery VoltageAhGroup Size
SWINGO 2100ABS6-270C4246180GC2
SWINGO 2500ABS6-270C or ABS6-350C4246240-290GC2/902 (305)
SWINGO 4000ABS6-270C or ABS6-350C4246240-360GC2/902 (305)

Why choose ABS batteries?

Premium Batteries

We search the global battery market to find the latest and greatest technologies. Our greatest strength lies in our extensive network of global suppliers that enables us to procure the most suitable batteries for your specific requirements.

Zero Maintenance

ABS AGM batteries are factory-sealed for life and require no maintenance of electrolyte levels. The zero-maintenance design eliminates water loss, requiring no service attention other than ensuring the battery is cleaned and charged.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

ABS batteries are highly reliable and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are free from defects and sulfation. Our technicians thoroughly check all the batteries before shipment to ensure they meet our industry-leading standards.

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