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  • Superior Cycle Life
  • Deep Cycle AGM
  • Advanced Carbon Technology
  • Gel Filled for increased cycle life
  • 99.99% virgin lead for grid plate
  • Heavy duty grid/paste design for deep cycle application
  • Maintenance free, non-spillable, valve-regulated
  • Vibration Resistant
  • Low self-discharge for longer shelf life

Electrical Specifications

Voltage (v)Capacity (Ah)
100 HR20 HR10 HR5 HR3 HR

Physical Specifications

LengthWidthHeightTotal HeightWeightTerminal Type (Standard)Case Material
327 mm180 mm274 mm274 mm42.2 kgT11 (M8)ABS
12.87 in7.09 in10.79 in10.79 in93.0 lbs


ABS12-150C Battery Dimensions

Operating Temperature Range

-20°C ∼ 55°C0°C ∼ 40°C-15°C ∼ 40°C
-4°F ∼ 131°F32°F ∼ 104°F-5°F ∼ 104°F

Performance Characteristics

Charging Profile

Relationship of OCV and State of Charge (25°C,77°F)

Cycle Life in Relation to Depth Of Discharge

Self-discharge Characteristic

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