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Advanced Battery Systems Inc. offers a wide range of batteries suitable for Renewable Energy applications.

One of our specialties is remote off-grid critical infrastructure support. Perhaps one of the more impressive systems is a network of solar sites we supplied for the Canadian Government on Ellesmere Island North of 60 where no other such solar systems existed, or thought possible. It consists of 6 microwave repeater sites, each powered by 72 cells Sonnenschein A600 Solar model A602/500S.  The system operates high up in the Canadian Arctic in temperatures ranging from 5°C/41°F in summer down to -60°C/-76°F in winter, exposed to howling winds, snow and ice using a ground-effect insulated battery box and vertical solar panels to make use of reflected light. This network has been operating for more than 16 years.

In addition, we supply Sonnenschein A600 Solar batteries to the Canadian and US Coast Guards for their remote land-based photovoltaic systems that support navigational aids.

Another of our specialties is wind and solar farms.  Our advanced technology 12, 15, and 20-22 year design life batteries are installed in more than 60 solar and wind farms across North America. The advanced technology design is also available in smaller batteries such as the ones installed in the nacelle of wind turbines to control the blade pitch and emergency brake in order to provide the client with higher reliability.

Our A600 VRLA-GEL product has been successfully used in large-scale energy storage applications providing 15-20 years of reliable service and 3000+ cycles in peak load shaving application and we are currently working on a number of such proposals.

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We know batteries. Our engineering staff is highly trained and experienced in dealing with all kinds of battery types and applications. By utilizing various industry methodologies, we can accurately determine the right battery type and technology for your needs. We take all questions and concerns seriously and respond promptly.

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