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Advanced Battery Systems Inc. (ABS) is a 2nd generation family owned business that was founded in 1988. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality Industrial Batteries, Chargers and Accessories at exceptional prices. At ABS, we understand the importance batteries have in many industries and consequently we only offer the highest quality products. We have selected the brands we represent very carefully so we can provide our customers with the best battery solutions available. We represent brands such as Sonnenschein, Saft, ARTS Energy, and our own private label brand of AGM batteries that are thoroughly tested before becoming available to the market.

ABS is highly knowledgeable in the battery industry which allows us to offer expert technical assistance and customer service. We focus on markets such as Telecom, Hydro, UPS, Fire and Safety, Security, Medical, Oil and Gas, Marine, Renewable Energy, and Emergency Lighting.

ABS offers a complete line of batteries in all technologies. We offer battery solutions in VRLA Gel, VRLA AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), Flooded Lead Acid, Primary Lithium, Lithium Ion, Ni-Cd (Nickel-Cadmium), Ni-Mh (Nickel-Metal Hydride), and Flooded Ni-Cd.

Advanced Battery Systems Inc. is also known for being the North American Master Rep for Sonnenschein since 1988. Sonnenschein manufactures the benchmark of all lead acid batteries with their superior Dry Fit Gel Technology.

What sets us apart from our competition is our hard working and dedicated staff. Many ABS’ employees have been with the company since the beginning. We are extremely knowledgeable and we always place customer needs above all. We pride ourselves on the speed and accuracy of responding to customers inquiries and preparing shipments. We guarantee we will respond to all requests within 24 hours and customer orders can be processed within the same time frame. Our staff is extremely efficient and we take pride in providing exceptional customer satisfaction.