The ABS Advantage

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Why choose Advanced Battery Systems?

Are you tired of the costly consequences of inadequate battery performance? We understand the frustrations of countless commercial buyers like you who suffer from premature battery failures. It’s time for a change, and ABS is here to revolutionize your approach to battery procurement for your business. 

The Problem

  • Every day, countless batteries are purchased without the consideration of the best available technologies, resulting in unexpected and costly equipment breakdowns. Many distributors are simply profiting from early battery failures, without conducting any product testing to validate manufacturer claims.

  • The lack of objective battery guidance in the market leaves buyers in the dark, with most sources pushing their own products rather than what’s truly best for you.

  • Many distributors treat their batteries like a widget instead of a living organism. They do not monitor, test, and charge their batteries as they age.

  • Numerous suppliers lack sufficient in-house expertise to effectively assist with your battery sizing requirements and technical questions.

The ABS Advantage

The ABS Advantage

At ABS, we’re committed to ensuring that you never face the expensive repercussions of a battery failure again.

What Sets Us Apart

Global Battery Sourcing Specialists

We meticulously search the global battery market to identify and test the latest and greatest technologies, so you don’t have to. We make sure that manufacturer claims are not just words but proven facts. Our mission is to bring you the best quality batteries you can rely on.

Unbiased Technical Guidance

ABS offers honest and transparent technical advice and testing of your battery fleet, completely free of charge. We are here to only sell you products that ensure success with your equipment.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

The ABS team has developed and implemented strict stock monitoring controls. We go the extra mile by testing 100% of our incoming shipments. We test and re-charge our batteries as they age to avoid deterioration. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Unmatched Expertise

We take pride in having the highest percentage of technical battery experts employed in the industry. When you work with ABS, you’re partnering with true professionals who understand your challenges inside and out.

Don’t let poor battery choices with premature failure continue to drain your resources and hinder reliable operations. Join the ranks of smart commercial buyers who trust ABS to deliver the right battery solutions, every time. Discover the ABS Advantage today and take the first step towards a future with reliable and tested batteries that you can count on. 

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