Flooded Ni-Cd Batteries

Advanced Battery Systems represents both ALCAD and SAFT NiCd batteries, which provide the best quality and latest technology in flooded NiCd batteries. There are 3 basic types; sintered/PBE technology for high cycle or high discharge current applications, pocket plate for high/medium/low rate standby applications, and valve-regulated type to provide lower maintenance requirements. NiCd batteries are built with nickel-plated steel plates and potassium hydroxide based alkaline electrolyte, so there is no corrosion of the internal structure and provide a high degree of safety and security. They can provide the longest life of any battery type. We have specialists with more than 30 years knowledge of these industrial NiCd batteries so that we can design a system that meets all your requirements.

Flooded Ni-Cd Battery Products

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We know batteries. Our engineering staff is highly trained and experienced in dealing with all kinds of battery types and applications. By utilizing various industry methodologies, we can accurately determine the right battery type and technology for your needs. We take all questions and concerns seriously and respond promptly.

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