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Immediate performance in critical applications

Cranking up an emergency diesel generator engine or switching on heaters, pumps or other equipment demands reliable batteries that operate at any temperature.

SPH High Power nickel battery solutions recover their voltage instantaneously, making them the perfect choice for UPS, engine starting and many other high-rate discharge duties. Your critical hospital, traffic control, power generation plant or offshore application can be seriously endangered without guaranteeing reliable backup power. Saft batteries offer powerful protection with designed-in durability, low maintenance and low life-cost.

Features & Benefits

Reliability in Critical Situations

  • Perfect choice for UPS, engine starting and many other high-rate discharge duties
  • Designed for applications demanding a relatively high current over short periods
  • Provide very high currents of up to 20 times a battery’s nominal capacity
  • Made from tested and proven Ni-Cd sintered/PBE plate technology
  • Low installation and maintenance costs and no need for water for up to 10 years
  • High power density, fast recharge, narrow voltage window
  • Extremely long life
  • Typical discharge range from one second to 30 minutes


Optimum size and weight

SPH batteries are generally interchangeable with other batteries used in UPS systems and engine-starting applications.

Small voltage window

Saft’s advanced nickel-cadmium technology and well-proven sintered/plastic-bonded electrode design provide optimum performance. This high power in a constrained voltage window is particularly geared to UPS and often allows a smaller battery capacity to be installed.

Trouble-free storage

SPH batteries do not need refreshed charging and will operate with complete reliability, even after years in storage. They are trouble-free in service, too. The SPH’s structure makes it resistant to internal corrosion. As a result, there is no risk of sudden death, the serious problem that unpredictably affects lead-acid batteries.

High resistance to electrical abuse

The SPH range tolerates high ripple current and remains unaffected by deep or complete discharge, high charge currents or voltage reversal.

No temperature constraints

SPH batteries maintain their high performance levels even in the most punishing climates and temperatures, in hot and remote desert locations or freezing arctic temperatures. At –20°C (–4°F) SPH still provides more than 90% of its rated capacity where lead acid is virtually unusable below freezing.

No corrosive fumes

SPH’s alkaline electrolyte produces no corrosive fumes, thereby giving no risk of corrosion to sensitive electrical or electronic equipment.

Faster recharging

SPH will recharge faster than a VRLA battery, minimizing the period when your power supply is not protected or more rapidly available for your next engine start.

Long lifetime

The SPH has an exceptionally long lifetime of over 20 years—three to five times the life expectancy of a VRLA battery.

High-performance engine starting

SPH can provide very high currents of up to 20 times the battery’s nominal capacity. This high cranking current allows for a battery with a lower capacity and a lower cost, distinct advantages over VRLA. Additionally, SPH’s sintered positive and compact plastic-bonded negative electrode enables it to maintain high-performance levels throughout its life, even when it is partially discharged.


SPH holds a large electrolyte reservoir that, together with sintered/plastic-bonded electrodes and robust steel construction, gives the cell its capability to function even in harsh conditions. The alkaline solution does not alter during electrochemical reactions and does not react with steel components. As a result, the cell will not prematurely age and will continue in faithful service for up to 20 years or more.

Technical Specifications

  • SPH Nickel battery capacity range: 11 Ah to 320 Ah (C5 A rate)
  • Operates in extreme temperatures from – 20°C to + 50°C and tolerates – 50°C to + 70°C for short periods
  • Long life time of over 20 years
  • High resistance to electrical abuse
  • Low-maintenance
  • Small voltage window
  • Smaller capacity battery by providing high power in a constrained voltage window

SPH versus Valve Regulated Lead Acid: variation of lifetime according to temperature

SPH versus Valve Regulated Lead Acid: variation of cranking performance according to temperature

The low life cycle cost, low maintenance battery

The cost-efficient solution

Engineers and manufacturers around the world fit SPH as original equipment and to replace old lead acid products. Saft experts will match battery weight, size and performance to perfectly meet your requirement.

Due to the long life and low maintenance of the SPH battery you can benefit significantly from savings over regular replacement, maintenance and down-time costs that attend lead acid batteries.

Uninterruptible power supply

PH delivers the high power within a narrow voltage window that is essential for UPS. Sintered/pbe is well-proven technology giving excellent performance and durability, without the risk of sudden electrical failure.


Starting engines, every time

In conditions off-shore, on-shore, on industrial production lines and in hospitals committed to meet demanding schedules, SPH Ni-Cd high power and reliability can make a life and death difference.

Reliable in all conditions: a worldwide language

Some of the world’s most critical installations rely on Saft SPH for top performance and total peace of mind: Buenos Aires Hospital, Rome ATC, Finnish Defence Ministry, AT&T, Amoco, Elf Serepca, Qatar Gas Extraction Plant, Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding, Thai Oil Company, Bahamas Cititrust Bank, together with industrial and marine applications. Generally operating between temperatures of –20°C to +50°C (–4°F to +122°F), SPH batteries can tolerate extremes of –50°C to +70°C (–58°F to +158°F) for short periods. They can also remain in storage for many years before commissioning without affecting subsequent performance.

Saft SPH Ni Cd Battery Cost and Reliability

Design features

Advanced technology with proven reliability

Virtually maintenance-free

Under normal conditions SPH batteries will require no maintenance within 10 years other than routine checks. This electro-chemistry makes sudden death impossible and keeps performance high whilst maintenance remains very low. The battery may be safely stored for many years without affecting performance. Predictable life-costs now make long-term budgeting simple.

The technology to rely on

Saft’s sintered/pbe technology has a proven track-record of reliability and a rapid recharge capability at either single or dual rate. These are the essential battery characteristics where uninterrupted power or quick engine starting must be guaranteed.

Saft SPH High Power Nickel Cadmium Battery Design Features
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