ABS Lithium Iron phosphate batteries are specially designed for the replacement of the most popular lead acid models, which are widely used for UPS and energy storage systems. These are also suitable for Electric vehicle, E-bike, E-rickshaw e.g. cyclic application.

Product Features

  • Adopting lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells with high safety and high energy density, fast charging ability, strong adaptability, environment friendly
  • Excellent consistency of cells ensured by fully automated production line
  • Great low and high temperature performance, the battery capacity retains 70% of nameplate at -20℃
  • Wider operation temperature range:-20℃~ 60℃
  • High Power Density: Lighter weight, about 1/3 weight of lead-acid batteries
  • Longer Cycle Life: ≥3000 cycles under the condition of standard discharge
  • High power, high current charge and discharge(1C)
  • Low self-discharge rate: ≤4%/ month
  • Safe and Reliable: No floating metal lithium assures a safer usage. Built-in BMS, with overload, overcharge, over-discharge, high temperature protection, and balance functions.
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