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ARTS Ni-Cd Batteries

Standard & High Energy – VRE / VSE series

ARTS VRE standard Ni-Cd series were originally designed for cycling applications requiring a rapid charge. However, they are also suited for a wide wide range of applications where they offer an excellent cost / performance ratio. The high level of reliability provided by ARTS standard series is time-tested and well-proven, with hundreds of millions of units delivered over years. ARTS VSE high energy Ni-Cd series benefit from significant technological upgrades compared with standard series. The VSE design features advanced nickel foam electrode technology to meet the fast charge and increased capacity needs of light and compact equipment.

High Temperature – VT / VST / VNT / VNT U / ARTS ecolife series

ARTS high temperature Ni-Cd series are perfectly suited to emergency and security equipment applications in compliance with International (IEC 61951), US (UL 924) and Japanese (JISC 8705) standards. They are designed to accept a permanent charge (C/20 to C/15) for a minimum of four years in high temperature environments (up to + 40° C / 104° F). Higher-end versions of the cells, such as the “U” and “70” models, can even withstand a constant temperature of up to + 55° C / 131° F with a similar life expectancy when permanently charged. The VNT / VNT U series benefit from ARTS innovative PNE (Plastic bonded Nickel Electrode) technology which provides improved energy density and an excellent resistance to cold weather conditions. ARTS ecolife series serve your emergency lighting project with their greatly reduced environment impact and their greatly extended service life of 8 years. A product Life Cycle Assessment is carried out on all the following phases: raw material extraction, manufacturing, distribution and use. A Product Environmental Profile (PEP) is available upon request.

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