Advanced Battery Systems Inc. has been providing solutions and services to the UPS industry since 1988.

We can supply our ABS brand AGM batteries for small UPS applications. As well, we have in stock the full range of model sizes at our facility.

If you are looking for a replacement for GNB North American Sprinter and Marathon product lines we can provide a solution for that as well. We offer the GNB European made Sprinter and Marathon series, which offer a wider array of models, with better design, and longer life.  In most cases there is an exact fit replacement crossover.

For large-scale UPS installations, we utilize our Sonnenschein A600 VRLA-GEL batteries offering 20-22 years life and our Exide Classic OPzS flooded lead-acid batteries.  In large critical UPS applications where monthly discharge testing is required to insure integrity of the system, there are no issues; since our A600 VRLA-GEL and Classic OPzS batteries can also provide high cycle life. Consequently, there is no effect on the battery life or the 20-year warranty.

A Solution For Your Industry

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