The ABS Brand of AGM general use batteries delivers exceptional reliability and great value.   We are able to back up that statement with the knowledge that 100% of our batteries are tested at the factory before being shipped to Advanced Battery Systems Inc. The test is not just a simple voltage check, but a full 20 hour discharge test. The factory also supplies not only their own requirements for the Lead plates, but also sells them to other manufacturers.

The factory is dedicated to continual improvement and their engineers are able to design batteries to our specifications for large volume customers. Not satisfied with having the best batteries today, the team of engineers are continuously working on improvements and expanding into more specialized markets.

The Solar NG series is a new offering that we recently started stocking at our facility in Burlington, ON. This series is the ideal blend of reliability, high cyclic, yet an affordable alternative for the Solar market.

Advanced Battery Systems has been partnered with our manufacturer since 2003.  One of the many reasons for the long co-operation is the Environmental Policies upheld by the manufacturer.  In contrast to other manufacturers who are solely profits driven, they take an active role in protecting the environment and investing in clean technology and practices.

The exceptional service we strive to provide our customers is supported by the factory.  We strongly believe there are no problems without a solution. We work in unison with our supplier to meet the requirements of our valued customers. In the highly competitive AGM market, the ABS Brand of AGM batteries covers all of yours needs. Reliability.  Price.  Selection.  Warranty.  Trust.

Some of the uses for our ABS Brand batteries are: UPS, Security, Fire and Safety, Traffic Signal power back-up, Solar, and any application where reliability is paramount.

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