Saft Uptimax

Uptimax battery is designed to form the heart of Uninterruptible Power Supply and backup power systems that operate in the event of a loss of the main power supply to facilitate the safe shutdown of processes, safeguard computer data and provide bridge to standby power. Typical power backup applications include UPS, substation switchgears, process control systems, emergency lighting, fire alarms and security systems.

Saft’s robust Ni-Cd technology sets the benchmark for industrial batteries operating in difficult and demanding conditions. It has established a reputation for performance, reliability and a long, totally predictable, service life – with no risk of sudden death failure. Uptimax builds on this heritage by ensuring a 20-year plus service life at + 25°C (+ 77°F). Even at + 35°C (+ 95°F), its lifetime falls by just 20% compared with a 50% reduction for a lead-acid battery.