Advanced Battery Systems Inc. has been supplying the oil & gas industry for over 25 years into areas such as Windsor & Alberta refineries and offshore drilling projects such as Hybernia and Singapore fields.  We typically supply our GNB Classic flooded product for refineries process applications as they have a 20 year life. However, for main and switchgear substations we typically offer the Sonnenschein A600 VRLA-GEL which are also 20-year product.  In remote locations for oil & gas pipelines the typical battery is Sonnenschein A600 VRLA-GEL for use with TEG (thermal electric generator) applications at remote monitoring/pumping facilities. For offshore drilling it is often the Sonnenschein A500 VRLA-GEL for emergency systems, but may also include large capacity Sonnenschein A600 solar VRLA-GEL for off-grid solar supply.

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