Superior Batteries from Exide: Sonnenschein, Marathon and Sprinter

Since our founding in 1988, Advanced Battery Systems (ABS) distributed only the highest quality industrial batteries, chargers and accessories. That’s why ABS has closely partnered with Exide Technologies and GNB Industrial Power to import superior battery systems from Europe.

Exide is a global leader in battery manufacturing that owns several brands, including Sonnenschein, Marathon and Sprinter. ABS imports these brands from Europe due to their superior performance over many other brands.

With the Sonnenschein, Marathon and Sprinter brands all being manufactured in Europe by the same producer, we can strengthen our supply chain resilience and stand behind these high-quality products. For our customers, this means reduced lead times, enhanced shelf and design life, and better recycling capabilities once the product has reached the end of its useful deployment.

Sonnenschein Batteries Carried by ABS

As the inventor of battery gel in 1957, Sonnenschein’s unrivalled Dry Fit Gel Technology sets them apart from the competition, enabling up to 2 years shelf life and 12-20 years design life. Sonnenschein batteries are highly reliable, and resilient to harsh conditions.

Advanced Battery Systems is the Master Stocking Distributor for Sonnenschein in North America and we regularly stock A500 and GF Traction models. We have exclusive supply in North America for all Sonnenschein product lines such as:

Access our Supply of Marathon and Sprinter Batteries

Marathon and Sprinter are well known brands of batteries manufactured in the USA; however, we import our Marathon and Sprinter batteries from Exide Europe. The models we import are not identical to those manufactured in North America. In fact, they are the superior replacements to North American models.

For example, the European model we stock supply, Marathon L and XL, is a replacement for the GNB USA Marathon M series. We do this because:

  1. The European models are superior with a 12-year design compared to the 10-year designs of their North American equivalents
  2. The Marathon M (Top Terminal) and FT (Front Terminal) series, and the Sprinter S series are no longer manufactured in the USA, but equivalents are in Europe
  3. Exide manufactures high quality Sonnenschein batteries in the same facilities

Like Sonnenschein batteries, ABS carries a range of Exide batteries manufactured under the Marathon and Sprinter brands. Our models currently in supply include:

Buy Exide Brands with Advanced Battery Systems

Advanced Battery Systems (ABS) offers various sizes and models of the Sonnenschein, Marathon and Sprinter batteries that are manufactured at Exide Europe’s plants. Their products are top of the line, and we’re proud to partner with a manufacturer who cares about excellence in both quality and sustainability.

If you’d like a quote on any of our products, please contact ABS through our online form and we will respond the same day.