Advanced Battery Systems Inc. supplies a wide range of batteries to the Marine industry.  Our batteries are UL listed and have accreditation to many industry standards such as DIN, GOST, TUV, Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd and ISO9001.

We focus mainly on batteries for large yachts and sailing vessels.  Our advanced technology Sonnenschein A500 and traction series VRLA-GEL batteries provide longer life and higher reliability and are the gold standard in the industry.  The VRLA-GEL batteries provide up to 2 years storage without charging, so there is no need for special top-up charging for new vessels being built, vessels laid up under repair, or vessels in winter storage.  In case of accident, Sonnenschein VRLA-GEL batteries can be fully discharged and left discharged for up to 1 month, or even withstand up to 30m/100ft being submerged in water, and still be fully recoverable.

The Sonnenschein A600 series is normally used in the largest marine applications such as in the Canadian Frigate program, large mega-yachts, and even including large cruise ships that accommodate up to 5,000 passengers and crew to provide for the main emergency battery. In addition, we supply Sonnenschein A600 Solar batteries to the Canadian and US Coast Guards for their remote land-based photovaltaic systems that support navigational aids.

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