Advanced Battery Systems Inc. is an authorized distributor for the GNB Classic brand of batteries. GNB Classic batteries are conventional flooded lead acid batteries. These batteries are manufactured out of GNB Industrial Power/Exide’s plants in Europe. The GNB Flooded Classic batteries have been proven energy suppliers for decades, providing robustness and reliability; geared to extremely long design life and/or cycle life. Some of these GNB Classic series contain tubular plates instead of flat plates. Tubular plates, sometimes referred to as armoured tubular plates; are a special wrapped design of positive plate to hold and retain the active material to provide extended life and high cycling capability in a standby product.  We also offer planté type for special/critical applications which are known to last 25-30 years or more.

There are five different GNB Flooded Classic series. Each series is built specifically for a variety of applications. If you are looking for a battery for Telecom, UPS, Emergency Lighting, Security, Utility, Solar, or a Universal battery the GNB Flooded Classic brand can you meet your requirements.

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