Advanced Battery Systems Inc. now offers lithium-iron-phosphate batteries built into rectangular plastic cases that can replace most of the popular AGM lead acid battery sizes used in UPS, emergency lighting, security, E-bike or other applications where the client needs longer life and/or higher cycle capability and at a reasonable price point.  These lithium-ion batteries operate at normal atmospheric pressure and so they are very safe, while having high energy density and light weight as you would expect.  Our LiFePo batteries can be operated over a wide temperature range of -20 to +60degC and are capable of more than 2,000 cycles.  They are about 1/3 the weight of equivalent lead acid battery.  They have a built-in BMS (battery management system) with overload, overcharge, over-discharge, balancing, and high temperature protection.

Advanced Battery Systems also offers high-efficiency switchmode chargers offering specific charge curves for our LiFePo batteries to provide maximum performance.

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